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  • Before creating the stories to follow, the Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) product team, sales team, and content team had multiple discussions of how we wanted to present the products to you, our customers. What does the new product release mean for you? What are the key features we want you to know about? What is the main message we want to convey?

    Mastering Delivery

    We don’t want to give you a product that will only improve your work life a little. We want you to have a product that allows you to overcome the hurdles that plague your business every day. We want you to conquer these obstacles, to own them, to master them, to show them who’s boss.

    We want you to be confident that this application can help you resolve late deliveries, shorted products, lost time, needless spending, paper wastage, and customer frustrations.

    We want this application to help you to master delivery.

    Please read the stories to follow. We encourage you to tell us if your delivery obstacles would be comprehensively fixed by the features disclosed, or if there are problems that are not addressed by this product.

    If you have questions, or if you need clarification, speak to your account representative, or reach out to me using the contact details below. We will be pleased to connect with you and to set up a discussion to review your queries, needs, or concerns.

    Our goal is for you to master delivery. 

    With warmest regards,

  • Gennadiy Vaksman

    VP, SCM/RE Global Operations

    AFS Technologies, Inc.

    (E-mail me by clicking this text.)


    With assistance from Xiaomei Ma, designer, and Kathy Biallas, technical writer