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  • How ePoD Mobile Came to Be

  • By Gennadiy Vaksman, VP, SCM/RE Global Operations

  • How teamwork among multiple AFS teams and clients paid off with one of the world’s most advanced electronic proof of delivery mobile systems for the food industry
  • I still remember the amazing Super Bowl LI between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. Two historical things occurred that evening. First, Tom Brady became the first quarterback in NFL history to win five Super Bowls, and second, it was the first time the Super Bowl winner was determined in overtime.

    But I’d like to focus on the fact that New England had been losing 28-3, but turned it around to win 34-28. It was a miracle -- but this miracle was only possible because the Patriots played as a TEAM.

  • Play together.

  • Today, I’m participating in a weekly meeting about the Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) Mobile application. This is a new product that my company, AFS Technologies, is about to deliver to the market. The project started about eight months ago.

  • In truth, eight months is a very short time, not only for a product to be created, but also for it to be mature and ready for the world market. But history was made at today’s meeting. The development team announced that all planned features have been developed and tested successfully, and the product is ready for delivery to two beta clients.

    Although ePoD has just been born, it is already mature. It is like delivering a baby that can walk, talk, and read immediately after birth. You are probably wondering, “How is this possible?” right now.

  • Here’s how: The ePoD Mobile app was developed as an offshoot of an established product, Direct Store Delivery (DSD), which currently has about 200 clients. Ten thousand drivers use DSD every day to deliver products to stores, schools, homes, and more. This is why ePoD inherited all major functionality from its father, DSD. This is why it can walk, talk, and read right after being born.

    History was made with ePoD’s development by the collaboration of many teams: Direct Store Delivery, Enterprise Resource Planning, Warehouse Management, and Sales. Many people worked together to achieve this goal. Moreover, multiple clients were invited to help us identify business requirements and to consult with us on the way they run their businesses. They also agreed to be our beta testers.

    It is a miracle -- but this miracle could only happen because multiple groups worked together as one TEAM.

  • Work together.


    Sports and business have a lot in common, but the primary component that brings maximum success and satisfaction is TEAMWORK.

    Identify your team goal, create a plan to achieve it, divide responsibilities among team members, and then execute, commit and deliver based on your abilities. Do your best, and the team will succeed.




  • To learn more about AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery, contact Donald Quattrochio, Vice President of Inside Sales, by phoning him at +1-774-278-1038 or by e-mailing him HERE.



  • Gennadiy Vaksman has more than 25 years of experience with software development and architecture and 20+ years managing teams for SCM and DSD.

    He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance and 15+ years of experience teaching software development at New York-area business schools.

    E-mail him by clicking HERE.