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  • AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) 1.0 for iOS Is Here

  • By Gennadiy Vaksman, VP, SCM/RE Global Operations

  • This is the story of how the AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) system has helped G&V Food Distribution implement a “Bring Your Own Device” policy, save a lot of money, and, in the process, fulfill a long-time dream for the company drivers.
  • Oh my gosh. A miracle has happened. All my life, my wife and I have been huge fans of Apple products -- iPod, iPhone, iPad – you name it. Every time Apple releases a new product, we are the first ones in line at the Apple store, waiting all night to buy it, regardless of the weather. Since we’re such big fans of the products, you might not be surprised to hear that our wedding was in one of the most beautiful Apple stores in the world, on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York.


    But before I continue my story, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is David. I’m a driver for the G&V Food Distribution company. Do you remember me? I’m the same David who was so excited about AFS Technologies’ new ePoD system for Android, which my company just recently implemented – I had been waiting for it for so long.

  • My dream has always been to combine my love for Apple devices with my work. And just yesterday, G&V management decided to approve a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policy. I was confused about this, since my personal device is the iPhone 7 Plus. I asked my manager, Steve, what I should do if my personal device is the iPhone but the AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) system works on Android.

    His answer was a pleasant surprise. He told me that AFS had just released an iOS-compatible version of their ePoD system, which is why the company was able to enact a “Bring Your Own Device” policy. This will save management tons of money since they won’t have to purchase, maintain and fix new devices; the drivers will use their own mobile devices.

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  • I could not believe my ears, so I asked Steve if he was 100% sure. He said yes and showed me his iPhone 6 with the AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery system for iOS installed. This is my dream come true. Now I can use my beloved iPhone during work hours to make deliveries to our customers.

  • Moreover, I no longer have to carry two separate devices with me – both work and personal phones. You cannot imagine how often I dropped one phone while trying to answer the other. It’s also inconvenient to carry two phones while simultaneously moving heavy boxes. Now I don’t have to deal with that.

  • It took me no time to install the AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery system for iOS. Now the work day is over, and I’m rushing home to share the great news with my wife. She will be so excited for me.

    I probably won’t sleep much tonight because I will be learning the new application so I can use it tomorrow at work. I’ll share my experience with the AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery system for iOS in my next story. So long!


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    Save Money

  • BYOD has helped G&V achieve significant cost savings because the $ company stopped wasting money on corporate phones.


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  • In addition, employees of G&V gained the ability to work with a device of their own choosing – often more enjoyable than being forced to use a corporate-issued device.


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    Improve Productivity

  • G&V employees are now happier, and, since BYOD supports a mobile and cloud-focused IT strategy, this has enabled them to access their work in the cloud using their personal mobile devices, further improving productivity.

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  • Before BYOD was implemented, drivers had to carry their company devices in addition to their own personal phones, but BYOD has eliminated that inconvenience.



  • To learn more about AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery, contact Donald Quattrochio, Vice President of Inside Sales, by phoning him at +1-774-278-1038 or by e-mailing him HERE.



  • Gennadiy Vaksman has more than 25 years of experience with software development and architecture and 20+ years managing teams for SCM and DSD.

    He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance and 15+ years of experience teaching software development at New York-area business schools.

    E-mail him by clicking HERE.