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  • Go Green With AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD)

  • By Gennadiy Vaksman, VP, SCM/RE Global Operations

  • This is the story of how G&V Food Distribution has begun helping to preserve the planet for future generations, and how AFS’ Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) system helped them to do it.
  • It is so beautiful outside. My wife and I have been enjoying a walk in the park.

    I’m so sorry -- I forgot to introduce myself. My wife always tells me, “David, before starting a conversation with somebody, properly introduce yourself.”

    I’ll do what my wife says; otherwise, I might get in trouble. My name is David. I’m a driver for G&V Food Distribution company. I deliver a wide range of products to G&V’s clients. But today is Saturday, so instead of working, my wife and I have been walking in the park near home.

  • It’s a stunning summer morning. Giant oak trees surround us. The sun is so bright that we don our sunglasses, which help me to see the astonishing view: the sun, the trees, a gorgeous horizon. We feel like we’re part of nature. Wait a minute -- something just occurred to me. What can we do to preserve this splendor for our children and grandchildren, too?

  • “Every day, I’m helping to destroy this beauty,” I told my wife.
  • “How?” she queried.
  • Paper Waste

  • “Every day, I kill trees like those around us,” I lamented.
  • “David, tell me exactly what you mean; you’re worrying me,” she said.
  • “At work, we use mobile printing for invoices and reports for customers and for our office. I think it’s wrong. We need to go paperless. It will save not only this park, but also many others,” I said.
  • “David, you should tell your manager about your concerns,” she responded.
  • Her affirmation made me eager to share the concept with Steve, my manager at G&V; I could barely wait for Monday morning.

  • As soon as I arrived at work, I rushed to see him. “Steve, we need to do something about this!” I began.
  • “Good morning, David,” responded Steve, puzzled.
  • “I’m sorry, Steve -- Good morning,” I answered.
  • “What do we need to do, David?” Steve asked.
  • “We need to stop killing trees by printing so many client invoices and reports from the mobile printers. We should eliminate mobile printing completely. Go paperless. Go green. Go paperless. Go green,” I repeated.
  • Go paperless. Go green.

  • “Easy, David, easy,” Steve said. “Our new AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) product provides us with this capability. All invoices and reports can be sent to our customers and our office via e-mail. We are launching the pilot for this feature, so would you like to be the first driver to use it?”
  • I was thrilled. “Yes -- 100%. I’ll be happy to test it out. Steve, you made my day.”






  • Send invoices and reports by e-mail




  • Save the Earth




  • I was extremely excited about this opportunity and especially thrilled about
    our new Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) system from AFS, which was designed around
    the idea that we all must work together to help save the planet.


  • Worldwide, an estimated 15.3 billion trees are cut down each year.
    Source: Nature 1

    In 2016, the U.S.A. was the second-largest global producer of paper and paperboard, at 72 million tons (17.5% of global production).
    Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) 2

    In 2016, waste from paper production constituted approximately 7% of the production-related waste from all industries in the U.S.
    Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 3


  • 1

    Save Money

  • G&V Food Distribution will save $72,600 in the first year of using paperless invoices and reports. The savings include the following:

    1. Eliminating 55 mobile printers (50 main and 5 backups)
    2. Eliminating the need for related warranty services
    3. Eliminating related accessories
    4. Reducing paper use
    5. Reducing operational costs

    In five years, the savings can reach $133,000.

  • 2

    Increase Work Satisfaction

  • Drivers no longer have to carry mobile printers in their hands or on their belts. They do not have to worry about the printers being lost or stolen. They have a more convenient and comfortable working environment, which has increased their work satisfaction.

  • 3

    Save Time

  • G&V’s drivers save around 35 minutes per day per driver by eliminating activities such as printing invoices and reports and maintaining the printers. The total time saved per day for the entire company is about 29 hours. This time will be used to serve more clients and to augment customer-related activities in the store to increase customer satisfaction. The estimated total savings in 2017 will be around $225,000.


    1. Crowther, T.W., et al. (2015 Sept.) Mapping Tree Density at a Global Scale. Nature 525, 201-205 (2015); doi:10.1038/nature14967.
    2. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 2016 Global Forest Products Facts and Figures.
    3. Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) National Analysis of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Comparing Industry Sectors in the 2016 TRI National Analysis.


  • To learn more about AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery, contact Donald Quattrochio, Vice President of Inside Sales, by phoning him at +1-774-278-1038 or by e-mailing him HERE.



  • Gennadiy Vaksman has more than 25 years of experience with software development and architecture and 20+ years managing teams for SCM and DSD.

    He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance and 15+ years of experience teaching software development at New York-area business schools.

    E-mail him by clicking HERE.