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  • Save Lives With AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD)

  • By Gennadiy Vaksman, VP, SCM/RE Global Operations

  • This is the story of how G&V Food Distribution has begun preventing accidents and saving lives, and how AFS’ Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) provides them the ability to do it.


    This story is dedicated to my mother, Valentina Vaksman, who was killed in a car accident at the age of 57. Mom, I miss you terribly.
  • What a dreadful day yesterday was. I received a call from my sister. “David, Bob is dead,” she said over the phone. My best friend Bob had been killed in an accident. While crossing the street at 6 a.m. to catch a bus to his office, he was hit by a delivery truck. He died on the spot, before the ambulance even arrived on the scene. I know this street; I’ve crossed it many times. It is literally 10 steps across -- 10 steps that made the difference between life and death for my dear friend Bob.

  • I knew Bob all my life. We were born in the same month and year; he was three days older than me. We attended school together and spent every day after school playing baseball and football. After graduation, I left home to work as a delivery driver for G & V Food Distribution, but Bob stayed in our hometown. He worked as a business analyst for a small insurance company.


    We never lost touch; we spoke on the phone at least once a week. Every time I visited my parents, our families gathered at Bob’s house for dinner. And now he is gone. It will be impossible to fill the empty place in my heart with anybody else; I will always miss him.

  • The fact that Bob was killed by a delivery truck, similar to the truck that I drive every day, forced me to question if we at G & V Food Distribution do enough to prevent this type of accident from happening.

    The police said it was the truck driver’s fault, but they have not provided any details yet. With my mind focused on Bob, I took a blank piece of paper and listed the possible causes of the accident that killed him:

    • Defective vehicle
    • Driver fatigue
    • Speeding
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • Distracted driving (caused by use of a mobile phone or similar)
    • Bad weather conditions
  • “What do we do at G &V Food Distribution to address these risks?” I asked myself. The answer came to me almost immediately. My company recently started using AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) software, which offers many features to address my concerns about safe driving on the route.

  • Every day before starting my shift, I use a Bluetooth Breathalyzer that is integrated with the AFS software to unlock access to the delivery application. I can only drive the vehicle and use my mobile device for deliveries once I pass the test successfully. It would be embarrassing to fail the test; this information would be immediately sent to my manager. I could even lose my job. The rule “Don’t drink and drive” is incorporated into the application.

  • Pre-Trip Inspection Surveys

  • Post-Trip Inspection Surveys

  • The AFS application has pre- and post-trip inspection surveys for me to answer questions about my truck's conditions. It forces every driver to check the vehicle before leaving on the route.

  • I cannot use the AFS application while I’m driving. The system is smart enough to recognize that the truck is in motion and locks the application until I stop the vehicle.

  • AFS software also notifies me by voice alert if I’m speeding. “Speeding, speeding, speeding,” I hear from my device every time I exceed the speed limit. This information is sent to my manager, Steve, by e-mail. He can also review how I drove using a report in AFS ePoD Office. I can see the same speeding report on my mobile device. All this information is transparent for both drivers and managers; it is a great prevention tool.

  • Additionally, AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) records the duration of my working day by using GPS. It notifies me -- and Steve -- if I drive more than the maximum daily limit of hours.

  • Weather Info

  • Weather conditions are also integrated; before starting any trip, I check the forecast built into AFS ePoD and adjust my trip plans accordingly. As soon as I select the customer for delivery, I can request the weather from the menu, and the system will display the forecast for the appropriate location without my having to insert the customer address. This smart system means less work for me.

  • AFS ePoD has an impressive range of tools to reduce the risk of accidents. I’m so glad to be a user of AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery, the software that saves lives.


  • Every year, 1.24 million people die and 50 million are injured on the roads of the world.


  • In 2016, although distracted driving and drowsy driving fatalities declined, fatalities from other risky behaviors (speeding, alcohol impairment, or not wearing seat belts) increased. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

    • "Drunk-driving deaths (10,497 fatalities) increased by 1.7 percent;
    • Speeding-related deaths (10,111 fatalities) increased by 4.0 percent;
    • Unbelted deaths (10,428 fatalities) increased by 4.6 percent;
    • Motorcyclist deaths (5,286 fatalities – the largest number of motorcyclist fatalities since 2008) increased by 5.1 percent;
    • Pedestrian deaths (5,987 fatalities – the highest number since 1990) increased by 9.0 percent; and
    • Bicyclist deaths (840 fatalities – the highest number since 1991) increased by 1.3 percent."

    -- https://www.nhtsa.gov/press-releases/usdot-releases-2016-fatal-traffic-crash-data



  • To learn more about AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery, contact Donald Quattrochio, Vice President of Inside Sales, by phoning him at +1-774-278-1038 or by e-mailing him HERE.



  • Gennadiy Vaksman has more than 25 years of experience with software development and architecture and 20+ years managing teams for SCM and DSD.

    He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance and 15+ years of experience teaching software development at New York-area business schools.

    E-mail him by clicking HERE.