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  • Where's My Stuff?

  • By Kathy Biallas

  • Use electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) to make life better.  
  • Hi. My name is David. You might remember me from my previous stories about AFS’ electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) application.

    I recently had an interesting experience that made me wish that major retailers used ePoD as I do at work.

    Since our child’s birthday was approaching, my wife and I decided to order a children’s Lego game for the Xbox system. I was happy about ordering online because I could track the shipment until its expected delivery on Saturday by 8 p.m. – which was perfect for our son's birthday on Sunday.

  • On Saturday afternoon, I heard a *ping* on my phone and received an alert: “Your package has been delivered!” However, there was no package outside our front door, and our dogs hadn’t alerted us to any visitors.

    When I checked the delivery details in the retailer’s app, I discovered that the package had been handed directly to a receptionist in a front office. Since our single-family house has neither a receptionist nor a front office, the package clearly had gone to the wrong destination.

  • Where was my stuff?

  • At that moment, I realized that I wanted to be able to utilize ePoD as an end-user. I had become accustomed to AFS ePoD’s ease of use as a driver, but now I wished that the birthday-present shipper had ePoD for me to access as an end-user, too.

    Just as G&V’s end-users do with AFS ePoD, I wanted to be able to see via GPS where, precisely, the package had gone. I wanted a photograph of the package at the point of delivery. I wanted an image of the signature of the person who signed for it. I wanted the ability to speak to the delivery person’s manager to find out where my son’s birthday gift was at that exact moment.

  • Instead, I had to phone the shipper. I had to wait for them to call the delivery service. I had to create a support ticket and await an update; I was told I was not allowed to call and claim “non-delivery” until AFTER Monday at 5 p.m. – a full day after our son’s birthday.

    I didn’t know if I should place a new order or if I should wait. Was the package going to appear, or was it gone forever? The expensive item we purchased was somewhere in the ether, and it failed to arrive in time for our son’s birthday, despite the “delivery guarantee”. I was NOT a happy customer.

  • Finally, on Wednesday – four days after the supposed “delivery” – the missing package arrived, partially crushed and very dirty. No one ever called us to provide an update; we simply came home and found the (damaged) package at our front door. The contents were fine, but the shipping box appeared to have been stepped on by an elephant.

  • This is not the happy ending you want for your clients after they purchase something costly. Real-time tracking, signature imagery, the ability to speak to a live person, and precise GPS location are essential components to satisfy customers and retain them in this digital age.

    I will be recommending that the retailer adopt AFS ePoD if they want to keep me as a customer, because their service level with a different delivery app didn’t meet my expectations of exceptional service – the kind of service I have come to expect as an ePoD user.



  • To learn more about AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery, contact Donald Quattrochio, Vice President of Inside Sales, by phoning him at +1-774-278-1038 or by e-mailing him HERE.



  • Kathy Biallas has more than 22 years of experience with technical writing, editing, and content management in the fields of computer software and healthcare.

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